IMG_20170619_081550Yassssh!,still on the dating Do’s and don’ts my darlings. But before then,how is your day turning out?hope you are doing great?
Well back to the issue lovelies, A lot of times we all go on dates and it’s a Part of the dating life and a way of getting to know your prospective “Bae”/”Boo”(lol).
Now the issue is alot of our guys #Nigerian Guys#have been complaining about how most ladies don’t contribute anything towards payment of the bills during date outings.
Now the ladies on the other hand have justified their action by either saying “ohhh but he’s the one who initiated the date” or “is he not the one asking me out”?…Great we agree on that, but ladies do you know that there’s no rule that states that only guys should Pay during dates?you can even offer to split the bills even if you can’t afford to pay the whole thing!.
Now here are some quick tips for you when you go on dates ladies:

1. Don’t order too much : I agree it’s a date but whoever said it’s an opportunity for a free meal?most ladies can be so savage they order even for things they haven’t tasted before and then you embarass yourself when your stomach starts running!. In order to avoid this,stick to the familiar things on the menu or just take a soft chill drink.

2. Don’t concentrate all on the food alone -y’all know you’re on a date because you want to get to know more about each other so make conversations and do more talking than eating.

3.Never clear the whole plate – Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat,but how ’bout you don’t chew all that chicken bones like you do at home?don’t crack that bone, nahhh please don’t!,it will make you look savage. P.s don’t pick your teeth at the table,if you must; do it discreetly with a napkin covering your mouth. Don’t forget your table manners!.

4. Don’t pick calls- It’s very disrespectful for you to pick your phone calls during a date and if you must,take an excuse.

5. Never speak with your mouth Full-Now this is imperative because ain’t nobody wanting to see that half chewed food in your mouth,it’s eeeww(lol)so my dears,don’t talk with your mouth full. Take your time to swallow before you reply.

6. Offer to pay/split the bills -After your meal and the cheque arrives,offer to help pay for the bill unless your date turns down the offer. Note: this is especially important if you are a working class lady

7. Reciprocate by taking your prospective partner on a date Too-Now this is a *yayyyyy* as it don’t make them feel like they always have to initiate a date!

8. Say thank you after your date- When the date is over,don’t forget to say thank you to your partner for taking you out on the date. They’ll appreciate that I tell you.

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