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Hello People,

So, last week we introduced our new column: Cupidian Chronicles, and we’ll be kicking off this week with our first story, enjoy!


“You are swooning at that girl again”


“That girl, the one with the big bosom. The one that always turns you to an absolute idiot whenever she walks by.”

“Nah, C’mon! I just like how she dresses and stuff”

“Right and what about her other ‘assets’? Your denial is just disgusting, abeg”

“Whatever! I don’t know what your problem is”

“Iwo l’omo. Sha lets leave here before Shade and her groupies come with their wahala”

Now that I think about that conversation, I understand better the origin of Obinna’s attraction to Rashida, and perhaps the dynamics of the concept called ‘Love’. You see, Obinna is one of my closest friends and Rashida was a beautiful girl who happened to be in the same faculty as we were in school. Here is the story:


The earlier conversation took place along the corridor of our faculty building. We had just finished a class and were heading to an eatery close by to get something to eat but Obinna had stopped to ogle at a girl mid-stride. The girl in question was not unfamiliar, not to both of us or the rest of the faculty either. Rashida was well known mostly because she was beautiful, soft spoken and sexy. She came from a wealthy home and always looked amazing in whatever she wore. Loads of guys would stare and miss steps whenever she walked by and one of those guys was Obinna, my friend of many dimensions.

Initially, I thought it was just the normal reaction he gave whenever he saw a beautiful girl but then it became too frequent and he began to talk about her any chance he got. I’d never seen Obinna behave that disillusioned before unless money or limited edition sneakers were involved. Seeing him act that way because of a girl was truly strange. On one hand, I was happy he liked someone because he wasn’t very proficient when it came to romance, but on the other hand, I knew he had a sort of obsessive trait in him and I didn’t want him to do anything stupid. So I did what I think any friend would do and told him to let her know how he felt. I’m a realist and if I were in his shoes, that’s what I would have done.

In the following couple of weeks, Obinna would ‘prepare’ his speech and scene of ‘confrontation’ for hours and hours yet, for some reason, he would always put it off.  Each time I asked him about it he’d come up with all kinds of excuses yet he wouldn’t stop ranting about her. After a while he began to say ‘hi’ to her in class and eventually, they became friends and were together almost all day. Obinna was completely obsessed with her. After about two months, they’d become so close, everyone believed they were dating. They would always sit together in class; share almost every meal and even during holidays they met up in Lagos and were together almost all the time. I had totally forgotten about Obinna and the feelings for Rashida until one day, back in school, he came back from Rashida’s place with a forlorn look on his face. After probing him, I learnt Rashida had accepted to date some other guy.

Imagine my surprise, “Why is that a problem?” I asked Obinna.

“Don’t you understand? I love her! What am I going to do without her?” “Rashida is all I think of, man. She completes me, makes me happy and I don’t think my heart can bear seeing her with another person”.

“Err, I understand what you’re saying but does she know this?”

“No, she doesn’t”

“WHAT?! Why?”

Then he got a text and said “It’s from Rashida, she says she was only kidding with the new boyfriend stuff” and with a sigh, he that let out a thousand unspoken words of relief and pain. He then went on to explain that she would be travelling home the next day to attend to some urgent family matter and he didn’t want to waste any more time in letting he know about his feelings for her.

Six am the next day, we left the house for Rashida’s and I had to keep telling Obinna to slow his pace so I could keep up. When we got there, her room mate said she had just left with her dad’s driver. In the next week, all Obinna did was dial Rashida’s number, leave countless messages and complain about how her phone wasn’t going through. Eventually, he got through but her mum picked the call. Rashida had been involved in a fatal car crash on her way home that claimed her life. I have never seen a man weep so much, Obinna kept screaming her name while rolling on the floor. I didn’t know what to do or say but I could feel his agony, I heard the pain in his cries. Above all, I could feel the regret, the regret of missed opportunities and the hope of what may now never be.

For months after Rashida’s death, Obinna was not himself. He would stare into space, lost in thoughts, all he wrote in his journal were his memories of the woman he loved so much but never really had. I did what I could to comfort him and help him move on.

Love and life won’t wait for you. Take a chance. The outcome can only be one of two things – A Blessing or A Lesson.

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